Let’s get creative and have some fun with these crafts for kids! Here you’ll find all the Craftulate crafts in one place – and lots of new inspiration too!

I’ve separated the projects into the most popular themes to help you decide, but if you have a specific craft material in mind like paper plates, glitter or beads, then just search the whole site by typing in the search box at the top right of the screen!

Just click on the section that interests you, and it will jump to that section. I’m sure you’ll find some fantastic crafty ideas!

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Bird Crafts

Nature Crafts

Bugs & Insects

Ocean & Fish


Homemade Toys

Gifts that Kids can Make

Crafts for Adults

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Animal Crafts for Kids

All kids love animals! You’ll find all kinds of farm animals, zoo animals and pets in this collection!Animals Crafts from Craftulate

Paper Plate Alligator

Paper Plate Snakes

Dog Small World

Farm Animal Ring Toss Game

Roll-a-Llama Game

Arctic Small World

Paper Plate Dog

Mini Craft Stick Animal Puppets

Paper Plate Rabbit Craft

Pipe Cleaner Hedgehogs

Easy Animal Mosaics

Wolf Art for Kids

Accordion Paper Animals

Paper Plate Groundhog

Farm Small World

Animal Movement Game

Marbled Animal Art for Kids

Tiger Craft for Kids

Mouse Finger Puppets

Lion Crafts for Toddlers

Lamb Crafts for Toddlers

Yarn Wrap Sheep

Animal ABC Art Book

18 Animal Paper Plate Crafts

Bird Crafts for Kids

This category includes crafts of birds and crafts for birds!Birds Crafts from Craftulate

Angry Birds Paper Plates

Painted Bird Houses for Kids

Cardinal Craft for Kids

Bird Nesting Material Activity

Clay Turkey Craft for Kids

Building Nests

Spiral Bird Feeder

Footprint Penguin Craft

Flapping Owl Puppet

Paper Plate Turkey

Cardboard Tube Bird Feeder

Paper Plate Swan Craft

Valentine Flamingo Craft

Paper Plate Owl Craft

Bacon Fat Bird Feeder

Owl Collage

Thanksgiving Placemats For Kids To Make

Make Way for Ducklings Busy Bag

Play Dough Birds

Birds’ Nest Small World

Feathered Bird Craft

Nature Crafts for Kids

Flowers, trees, seeds, rocks, weather – you’ll find it all here!Nature Crafts from Craftulate

Petal Suncatcher Craft

Hydrangea Art for Kids Using Okra

Sparkly Painted Rocks

Top 10 Flower Art Projects for Kids

Popcorn Trees

Easy Leaf Art for Kids

Glittery Craft Stick Flowers

Leaf Bracelets

Redbud Leaf Hearts

Punched Paper Tree Collage

Crushed Leaf Collage for Kids

Four Seasons Felt Tree

Pretty Spring Flower Craft

Sun Suncatcher Craft

Heart Petal Flower Card

Marbled Leaf Garland

Tree Blossom Craft

Maple Seed Art for Kids

Outdoor Nature Collage

Butterfly Growing Kit

Pebble Plaque

Acorn Wreath for Kids

Stick Family

Sunflower Craft

Weather Mobile Collection

Park and Pond Water Bead Small World

Paper Punch Real Leaf Collage

Soda Bottle Flower Prints

Preserved Leaf Wreath

Real Leaf Sorting Activity Board

Coffee Filter Paper Flowers

Bugs & Insect Crafts for Kids

Scroll down the list to discover all kinds of creepy crawly crafts!

Bug and Insect Crafts from Craftulate

Dragonfly Craft for Kids

Pipe Cleaner and Bead Inchworm Craft

Paper Plate Bugs

Painted Lady Butterfly Craft

Cricket Snack for Kids

Butterfly Growing Kit

Ladybug Oreo Treats

Valentine Pom Pom Bugs

Shrinky Dink Bugs

Bug Slime

Spider Craft for Toddlers

Egg Carton Butterfly Craft

Valentine Love Bug Craft

Easy Footprint Butterflies

Simple Caterpillar Crafts

Ocean & Fish Crafts for Kids

We just love anything to do with fish, seas and the ocean!Ocean and Fish Crafts from Craftulate

Hermit Crab Craft

Dolphins in the Ocean Art

Fine Motor Cereal Fish Craft

The Deep Blue Sea Veggie Snack

Turtle Themed Water Table

Fingerprint Fish

Sparkle Fish Craft

Ocean Sensory Bag

Ocean Theme Activities

Fishbowl Craft

Handprint Fish

Perler Bead Fishing Game

Paper Plate Fish

Crab and Lobster Activities

Magnetic Fishing Game

Transportation Crafts

If your kids love vehicles and transportation, these are the crafts you need!Transportation Crafts from Craftulate

The ABC of Transportation

Paper Plate Monster Truck Craft

6 Transportation Dot Marker Printables

Paper Plate Boat Scene

14 Train Crafts and Art Ideas

Craft Stick Kayak Craft

Hidden Train Bath Bombs

Construction Site Sensory Play

Egg Carton Steam Train Craft

Milk Carton Boat Craft

How to Make Crayon Cars

Rocket Art for Kids

Cardboard Box Boat

Top 10 School Bus Crafts

I Spy Trucks Game

19 Train Themed Free Printables

Glow in the Dark Train Set

Five Homemade Boats

Personalized Rocket Bookmark

Town Craft from Recyclables

Play Dough Construction Site

Thomas the Train Pumpkin Craft

Shoe Box School Bus

Pirate Galleon Craft

Train Shape Matching Puzzle

London Bus Craft

All Things Bus!

All Things Train!

All Things Construction Vehicle!

All Things Boat!

All Things Tractor!

All Things Car!

All Things Truck!

All Things Airplane!

Homemade Toys

Homemade toys are so much more personal than store-bought!Homemade Toy Crafts from Craftulate

Cardboard Tube Cars

LEGO Maze for Hexbugs

Indoor Golf Game for Preschoolers

15 Homemade Toys to Make For Kids

Cardboard Tube Bowling Game

DIY Pick-Up Sticks Game from Chopsticks

DIY Money Box for Kids

Pencil Box Boredom Buster

Straw Pan Flute

Simple R2-D2 Craft

Top 10 Cardboard Box Toys

Magnetic Foam Shapes

Perler Bead Fishing Game

Play Dough Filled Balloons

Super Easy Homemade Spinning Tops

Cardboard Box Boat

Bean Bag Tutorial and Games

Face Parts Game – with free printable

Pom Pom Drop

Magnetic Fishing Game

Craft Stick Photo Puzzles

Star Wars Perler Beads

DIY Marble Run

Craft Stick Crates

Painting with Hexbugs

Colour Hunt Spinner

Gifts Kids Can Make

It doesn’t have to be much, but it will be treasured for a lifetime. This list also includes homemade cards.Gifts That Kids Can Make from Craftulate

12 Kid-Made Photo Frames

Perler Bead Key Chains

Painted Frame Gift for Kids to Make

Father’s Day Tool Craft

Handprint Birthday Cake Cards

Craft Stick Photo Frames

Origami Sailboat Card

Easy Stencil Cards with Kids

Washi Tape Frames

Kid Made Cards with Letter Stamps

Homemade Father’s Day Gift Wrap

Father’s Day Handprint Card

Pebble Plaque

Hidden Train Bath Bombs

Tissue Paper Votive Holder

18 Flower Crafts for Mother’s Day

Decorated Father’s Day Handkerchiefs

Valentine Classroom Gifts for Preschoolers

Melted Bead Bowls

Homemade Night Light

Color Block Painted Plant Pots

Cupcake Liner Hearts

Marbled Clay Beads for Kids

Perler Bead Frames

Toddler-Made Tape Resist Banner

Shrinky Dink Zipper Pulls

Heart Petal Flower Card

Decorated Tool Holder for Father’s Day

Christmas Teacher Appreciation Gifts from Toddlers

Kid Made Flower Votive Gifts

DIY Sparkly Photo Frames

Melty Bead Coasters

Personalised Magnet Gifts

Craft Stick Photo Puzzles

Personalised Wall Art Gifts

Sticker Resist Father’s Day Card

Kid-Made Crafts for Mailing – A Gift Guide

Crafts for Adults

I’m sneaking in a bonus section, because sometimes I like to make more complicated crafts on my own! These include sewing, art, and craft projects!Crafts For Adults from Craftulate

DIY Train Set for the Bath

Cardboard Box Car

Tissue Box Train Tutorial

DIY Marble Run

Beach Scene Family Silhouette Art

Glow in the Dark Train Set

Thomas the Train Costume

Homemade Soap for Kids

35 Scrap Fabric Projects

DIY Spring Blossom Snow Globes

Woodland Canvas Art

Pringles Can Racing Car

Spooky Eye Halloween Wreath

3D Advent Calendar

Bean Bag Tutorial and Games

Steam Train Table Tent

Magnetic Fabric Alphabet

Cardboard Box Ramp for Cars and Balls

Chalkboard Tray Tutorial

ABC Pop Up Books

No-Sew Water Table Cover Tutorial

Fabric-Covered Wooden Block Puzzle

Baby Ribbon Blanket Tutorial

Stencil Decorated Letters