If you’re looking for some fun learning resources for kids, including alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, science and more – here’s a giant list of all the activities you can find on this site!

Although many of the activities we do here at Craftulate are just for the sheer pleasure of creating something, I often try and work in an educational angle to them. I find it especially useful to feature my son’s interests when working on a particular skill. To make things easier for you to find your way around what we have to offer, I have separated all the learning resources into handy categories, so click on whatever interests you to jump to that section!


Numbers and Maths






From recognising letters to starting to read – I’ve covered it all as my son has got to each stage!Alphabet Activities from Craftulate

Letter Hunt in Sensory Dough

The ABC of Transportation

Forming Letters with Letters

Writing the Alphabet with Vehicles

Dot Marker Alphabet Cards

Flashlight Word Hunt

Make Way for Ducklings Busy Bag

Train ABC Art Book

Christmas ABC Art Book

DIY First Words Flip Book

Sticky Wall Letter Match

9 Tools for Learning to Write the Alphabet

Alphabet Train

Starting to Learn Noun Sight Words

Clothespin Letter Match Busy Bag

ABC Scavenger Hunt at the Park

Magic Dissolving ABC Rocks

ABC Animal Handprints

Easy DIY Alphabet Placemat


Numbers and Maths

Recognising numbers, starting to count, and basic maths.Number and Math Activities from Craftulate

Homemade Number Stickers

Indoor Golf Game for Preschoolers

Planets Game with Dice

Measuring Hot Wheels Car Jumps

Pom Pom Patterns

Christmas Two Dice Roll and Cover Game

Transportation Connect the Dots with Numbers

Roll-a-Llama Game

Pumpkin Counting Activity

Math Activities with Pom Poms

Roll and Cover Train Dice Game

Number Cookies

Gross Motor Number Game

Train Track Number Hunt

Pom Pom Number Boards



Here are some fun and bright colourful activities for kids.Colour Activities from Craftulate

Primary Colour Mixing Activity

Color Dot Marker Worksheets

Colour Sorted Fillable Ornaments

Bear Sees Colors Busy Bag

Colour Match Busy Bag

Size and Colour Valentine Match Activity

Xylophone Craft with free printable

Colour Mixing Science Activity

Rainbow Ice Ball Sensory Bin

Colour Hunt Spinner

Learning Colours with Brown Bear

8 Super Fun Ways to Learn Colours

Colour Sorting with Trains

Crazy Colour Sensory Bin

Mess Free Primary Colour Mixing

Colour Sorting with Water Beads

Colour Sorting Cups

Homemade Colour Book

Coloured Rice for Sensory Play



Aimed more at toddlers, here are some activities to help them learn the different shapes.Shape Activities from Craftulate

Chalk Shapes Jumping Game


We love activities that fizz and bubble, and have great fun discovering more about how things work.Science Activities from Craftulate

Balloon Rockets

Butterfly Growing Kit

Sink or Float Experiment with Craft Materials

Vinegar Science Experiments

Classic Play Dough Volcano Activity

Trains In Ice – a winter science activity

Colour Mixing Science Activity

Sparkle Science Fun

Animal Habitat Sort with Tongs

Bubbling Bottle

Magnet Discovery Bin

Four Science Experiments for Beginners

Magic Dissolving ABC Rocks

Magic Milk



Kids can learn about the great outdoors with these outside activities, gardening projects and bird feedersOutdoor Activities from Craftulate

Car Ramp Painting

Fast Growing Seeds for Kids

Outdoor Nature Collage

Soap Foam Water Play

Learning How to Make a Dam

ABC Scavenger Hunt at the Park

Animal Movement Game

Bird Nesting Material Activity

Chalk Shapes Jumping Game


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