18 Animal Paper Plate Crafts

Here are 18 animal paper plate crafts for you to try with the kids!

18 Animal Paper Plate Crafts - kids will love these!

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Do you love the frugality of using paper plates as a craft material? They are perfect for groups and classrooms as well as for individuals. I usually have a huge stack of cheap white paper plates in our craft drawers – and every now and then I’ll find some with a solid color which are useful for all kinds of crafts!

There are over 30 paper plate crafts on this site, but I thought I’d focus on the ones with an animal theme – although technically there are also birds, bugs, amphibians, and even a dinosaur! Show the list to your kids and see which ones they want to make!

Paper Plate AlligatorPaper Plate Alligator

Paper Plate OwlPaper Plate Owl

Paper Plate RabbitPaper Plate Rabbit

Paper Plate GroundhogPaper Plate Groundhog

Paper Plate SwanPaper Plate Swan

Paper Plate SnakesPaper Plate Snakes

Paper Plate LobsterPaper Plate Lobster

Paper Plate TurkeyPaper Plate Turkey

Paper Plate Dog (with waggling ears!)Paper Plate Dog

Paper Plate Hermit CrabPaper Plate Hermit Crab

Paper Plate DinosaurPaper Plate Dinosaur

Paper Plate Ladybug, Butterfly, Snail, and BeePaper Plate Bugs

Paper Plate CrabPaper Plate Crab

Paper Plate LionPaper Plate Lion

Paper Plate Angry BirdsPaper Plate Angry Birds

Paper Plate CaterpillarPaper Plate Caterpillar

Paper Plate ChickPaper Plate Chick

Paper Plate FishPaper Plate Fish

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