Here’s the complete collection of play recipes from this site: play dough, slime, salt dough, paint, clay, and more!

Do your kids love play recipes? I am often asked why I bother to make my own play dough and paint, when there are so many commercial products available. In truth I haven’t made much homemade paint since my son went through the “everything needs taste-testing” stage. But during that phase I *loved* knowing exactly what went into the paint and not having to panic every two seconds. With play dough in the early days it was much the same, but I have got so used to making my own that the habit has stuck. I can make it with any scent, any color, and add whatever additions I want – like glitter!

I hope you find some wonderful inspiration here to make some play recipes of your own. Just click on the play recipe category that interests you to jump to that section.

Homemade Play Dough

Homemade Slime

Homemade Salt Dough

Homemade Paint

Homemade Sensory Dough

Clay Activities

Homemade Play Dough

I have made so many versions of play dough and it never gets old. Always new themes and ingredients to try!Play Recipes from Craftulate - Play Dough

Coconut Play Dough

Chocolate Playdough

Top 10 Valentine Play Dough Recipes

Pumpkin Play Dough Invitation to Play

Make a Pizza Play Dough Activity

Blue and Silver Sparkly Play Dough

Playdough Ice Cream

Summer Strawberry Playdough

Berry Bubble Dough

Classic Play Dough Volcano Activity

Play Dough Construction Site

Slow Cooker Play Dough

Valentine’s Day Play Dough

Sparkly Silver and Gold Play Dough

Fall Play Dough Fun

Jelly Bean Play Dough

Super Almond Edible Play Dough

Christmas Play Dough – Invitation to Create

Play Dough Birds

Homemade Herb and Spice Play Dough

Jello Play Dough

Homemade Glitter Play Dough

Homemade Slime

When I started this blog I had NO idea I would ever be making slime! But we love it!Play Recipes from Craftulate - Homemade Slime

Sparkly Rainbow Slime

Spring Slime

Easter Chocolate Slime

Halloween Slime with Water Beads

Nerf Slime

Sensory Oobleck for Fall

Bug Slime

Princess Slime

Christmas Slime

Candy Corn Sensory Slime

Braving the world of SLIME

Homemade Salt Dough

We haven’t made quite as much salt dough as the other types of  dough – so it must be time to make more!Play Recipes from Craftulate - Salt Dough

Pebble Plaque

Quick Salt Dough Easter Ornaments

Birds’ Nest Small World

Salt Dough Monsters

Glowing Salt Dough

Homemade Paint

As mentioned above, making your own paint is especially good for younger children who might want to taste-test all substances.Play Recipes from Craftulate - Homemade Paint

Lily Stamen Paint Recipe

Melted Snowman Art

Sensory Spice Painting

Painted Toast

Homemade Glittery Snow Paint

Frozen Paint Art

Jello Pudding Paint

Microwave Puffy Paint

Homemade Sensory Dough

Subtley different from play dough, this category includes concoctions such as cloud dough and bubble dough. Moldable but not pliable.Play Recipes from Craftulate - Sensory Dough

Letter Hunt in Sensory Dough

Rainbow Baking Soda Dough

Apple Conditioner Playdough

Berry Bubble Dough

Beach Themed Cloud Dough

Indoor Snow for Sensory Play

Clay Activities

I’ve included these clay activities because they seem to fit – but not all creations are from homemade clay. Play Recipes from Craftulate - Clay

Marbled Clay Beads for Kids

Clay Turkey Craft for Kids

Making Train Track Scenery with Clay

Christmas Clay Ornaments for Toddlers To Make

Squashed Clay Art for Kids

Creating with Modelling Clay

Homemade Play Dough Ebook