Halloween Slime with Water Beads

This homemade slime with water beads and googly eyes is a great sensory experience and a fun activity for Halloween!Halloween Slime with Water Beads and Googly Eyes! Sensory fun for kids!


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I love making sensory slimes and doughs for my son – and over the last year or so I have seen his confidence increase when he has been handling gooey oozy things! I don’t think he’ll ever be a dive-straight-in-with-both-hands kind of kid, and that’s fine.

Note: Two important things I want to mention if you’re considering making some slime. First, it is NOT safe to be consumed. Second, do NOT dispose of the slime down the sink – it may cause plumbing issues! 

Slime Recipe:

Halloween Slime with Water BeadsPour the glue and liquid starch into a bowl and stir until it has all mixed in together. Stir in the food dye until the desired color is reached. Stir again until the glue has absorbed all the liquid starch and holds together. It will look seriously strange!  Knead the mixture with your hands for a minute or two, and a slime that is stretchy but not sticky will form!

Check out my How to Make Slime Video!

Note: If you have any trouble making your slime, check out this fab post from Fun at Home with Kids: How to Fix Slime Fails!

I made two batches of slime, one neon green and one orange. I stored them in resealable bags until I was ready to use them.

Halloween Slime with Water Beads

How to Dye Water Beads

To dye the water beads I used ready-hydrated clear beads, but you could either buy ready-colored water beads or ones that you have to hydrate. Please see Discovering Water Beads for more on these fun little bubbles! I wanted to make the beads purple and black to complete the standard Halloween color set, and to do this I placed some beads in a resealable bag and added a tiny bit of icing gel coloring. Regular food dye or even liquid watercolors would work too.

Halloween Slime with Water Beads

Just before we were ready to play, I put the slime into a baking dish and added some googly eyes. I carefully spooned in the water beads. The purple ones didn’t look as vibrantly purple as I’d hoped, and luckily I had anticipated that some of the colour would leak out!

Halloween Slime with Water Beads

I folded over the slime a couple of times to incorporate the eyes and beads. Within seconds the two colours had mixed together make one giant lump of slime!

Halloween Slime with Water Beads

Then it was time to play! F was very intrigued by it but the first thing he asked for was a spoon! He really wasn’t keen on touching it – but he’ll get there!Halloween Slime with Water Beads and Googly Eyes! Sensory fun for kids!


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