Marbled Clay Beads for Kids

Marbled clay beads look so much prettier than beads made from just one color!

Marbled Clay Beads for Kids to Make

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I am very lucky to have some young friends who are willing to try out crafts with me. Over a year ago we made our first salt dough jewelry together – the beads were cool as they glowed in the dark, but they ended up HUGE, making them quite impractical to wear. So this time we used modelling clay and made the beads much smaller – and marbled!

We used this oven-bake clay and the girls chose their own colors. I showed them how to take two colors of clay, mix them together and make them into a ball.Marbled Clay Beads for Kids to Make


Then they used a toothpick to make a hole in the beads.Marbled Clay Beads for Kids to Make


Before long they were marbling the beads with several colours at a time. Miss E (6yrs) was happy for me to make the hole for her but Miss L (4.5yrs) wanted to do it for herself.

Mr F (4.5 yrs) came and joined in but wanted to make marbles instead of beads – a great idea! He very happily rolled many many clay balls.Marbled Clay Beads for Kids to Make


Meanwhile F declined my suggestion that he make some marbles too, and settled for poking holes in a block of clay with a toothpick.Marbled Clay Beads for Kids to Make


We baked the beads and marbles according to the instructions on the clay box – keeping each girl’s beads separate in case they got mixed up!

Marbled Clay Beads

When the beads were cool the girls threaded them onto elastic cord. Miss L made a bracelet and Miss E made a necklace. Chunky, but pretty!


Marbled Clay Beads

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