20+ Play Dough Recipes

This collection of over 20 homemade play dough recipes will inspire you to get creative and make some really fun play recipes for your kids!20+ Play Dough Recipes - kids will love these!

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Looking back over the years I had almost forgotten that my son hated play dough when I first presented it to him! Since then we have made so many variants of homemade play dough – some from natural ingredients, some bright and colorful, some seasonal, and some just a little bit different! Play dough is now a BIG part of our home life and I am so pleased that my son overcame is initial reservations!

Natural Play Dough RecipesNatural Playdough Recipes from Craftulate

1. Herb & Spice Play Dough

2. Strawberry Play Dough

3. Chocolate Play Dough

4. Pine Tree Play Dough

5. Cranberry Play Dough

6. Edible Almond Play Dough

Bright Play DoughBright Playdough Recipes from Craftulate

1. Sparkly Silver and Gold Play Dough

2. Blue and Silver Sparkly Play Dough

3. Jelly Bean Play Dough

4. Jello Play Dough

5. Glitter Play Dough

Seasonal Play Dough RecipesSeasonal Playdough Recipes from Craftulate

1. Fall Play Dough

2. Valentine’s Day Play Dough

3. Christmas Play Dough

Play Dough Variations

Play Dough Variations1. Pizza Play Dough

2. Glowing Salt Dough

3. Mud Play Dough

4. Beach Themed Cloud Dough

5. Berry Bubble Dough

6. Slow Cooker Play Dough

Bonus! Things you can do with play dough:

Play Dough Volcano Activity

Play Dough Filled Balloons

Dinosaur Play Dough Mats

Play Dough Construction Site

Play Dough Birds

Play Dough Cars

Salt Dough Monsters

Play Dough Ice Cream

Have these ideas inspired you to make play dough? Which one do you want to try first? And if you just can’t get enough of fun play recipes, check out my Pinterest board:

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