Sparkly Rainbow Slime

This rainbow slime is such an amazing play recipe, and the glitter added a super-sparkly effect too!

Sparkly Rainbow Slime by Craftulate

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What’s better than making your own slime? Making slime in lots of different colours. And what’s better than making slime in lots of different colours? Making SPARKLY slime in RAINBOW colours!!

To make the slime I used:

To make the slime, I placed the glue into a bowl, stirred in some gel to the correct color, then added the liquid starch until the mixture held together but was no longer sticky. Then I added one of the glitter packets and stirred it into the slime. Sparkly Rainbow Slime

For a full tutorial on making slime (non sparkly version), see my video from when I made Halloween Slime.

Note: The yellow slime I made came out a little bit too orange, so I have to confess that I don’t have an exact rainbow of slime. Oh, and I didn’t make indigo. Please forgive me. 

Once I had (nearly) all the colors of the rainbow, I laid them out in a glass baking dish in long strips to form a rainbow shape. The slime looked pretty cool!Sparkly Rainbow Slime by Craftulate

I showed it to F and I picked it up at one end to show him that the rainbow was made from slime. I have to confess, it looked STUNNING! Those bright colors and all that glitter? Mesmerizing. Sparkly Rainbow Slime by Craftulate
Sparkly Rainbow Slime by Craftulate

After that we sort of had half a rainbow, and a puddle of crazy color!Sparkly Rainbow Slime by Craftulate

I asked him whether he wanted to try lifting up the slime and he said that he needed his tongs!

Here are some more photos of the “end of the rainbow”. 🙂Sparkly Rainbow Slime by Craftulate

And don’t be mistaken in thinking that once all the different colors had merged together this activity was over – the slime still looked FANTASTIC!Sparkly Rainbow Slime by Craftulate

After we’d left the slime for a while it took on a dark green tone, and was still so beautiful that I just had to take some more pics.Sparkly Rainbow Slime by Craftulate

As this slime will keep I can’t wait to get it out and play with it again! However – important note – do NOT discard the slime down your sink! The best idea is to put it in a plastic bag and throw it out with the regular garbage.

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