Top 10 Rainbow Play Recipes

These are the best rainbow play recipes around! Play dough, paint, slime, sand and more!Top 10 Rainbow Play Recipes - play dough, paint, slime, sand, and more!

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Everyone loves rainbows, right? How can nature create something so stunning? This month’s “Top 10” series celebrates how truly wonderful rainbows can be. I have chosen to share my favourite play recipes: which one are you going to make first?!!?

Rainbow Slime from Craftulate
One of my favourite slime recipes that we have made! This is so beautiful!

Sparkly Rainbow Slime

Rainbow Flour Paint
from Learn ~ Play ~ Imagine

This paint is so easy to make, and the colours are so bright!Rainbow Flour Paint Recipe

Rainbow Jello Sensory Play from Craftulate
Kids can get stuck in with this edible sensory play!Rainbow Jello

Rainbow Play Dough
from Housing a Forest

I love the addition of glitter to this colourful play dough! Glitter Rainbow Play Dough

Rainbow Baking Soda Dough from Craftulate
This bright dough is super easy to make!Rainbow Baking Soda Dough

Rainbow Oobleck from Kids Play Box
Amazing vibrant colours in this fantastic sensory experience!

Rainbow Oobleck

Rainbow Milk for making Painted Toast
from Craftulate

It is so easy to dye milk, paint with it on bread, toast it, then eat it!Rainbow Paint for Toast

Rainbow Foam Dough
from Fun at Home with Kids

Two ingredients plus food dye or watercolour paint – this has to be tried! Rainbow Foam Dough

Rainbow Moldable Sand from Pre-K Pages
Turn regular sand into a fantastic colourful sensory experience!Rainbow Moldable Sand

Rainbow Ice Ball Sensory Bin
from Craftulate

I’m not sure whether this is technically a play recipe or not – but I just had to include it!Rainbow Ice Ball Sensory Bin


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