Vegetable Shop Pretend Play

This vegetable shop pretend play activity is a really fun way for kids to learn and use their imaginations.Vegetable Shop Pretend Play - great for imaginative kids!

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We recently had SO much fun with our pretend play doctor activity, that I signed us up for another letter in the series Dramatic Play A-Z, hosted by Happy Brown House. V is for Vegetable Shop!

Our set-up included:

I set everything up while my son was at school, and made a shop sign for the front of the table. He loved it! Especially the new shopping basket!Vegetable Shop Pretend Play - great for imaginative kids!

He immediately started playing shop, with him being the shop keeper.Vegetable Shop Pretend Play - great for imaginative kids!

Vegetable Shop Pretend Play - great for imaginative kids!


Then we switched roles. We talked about the names of all the vegetables – many of which he knew already from our Fruit or Vegetable? Game. Although we played very simply, this activity has so much room for development – we didn’t use the cash register “properly” or count out money, so that will be my next goal. Maybe put some basic price tags on the vegetables?


This post is part of the Dramatic Play A-Z series, hosted by Happy Brown House. Check out A-U and look out for W-Z over the next few days from my co-hosts!Dramatic Play Series


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