Math Activities with Pom Poms

These math activities with pom poms are perfect for young kids.

Math Activities with Pom Poms - perfect for young kids!

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This post is part of the Math Manipulatives Series, hosted by School Time Snippets. The series features a wide range of child-friendly manipulatives that can be used in math play.

Our choice of manipulative is the humble pom pom. Pom poms are perfect for young kids after they are past the age of taste-testing everything! They’re soft, light and available in a huge variety of colours and sizes. We’re very lucky to receive a healthy supply from the splendid people over at and although we use most of them for crafts, the pom poms have other great uses too!

Pom Pom Patterns from Craftulate
We did this activity a few weeks ago and it makes a great busy bag!
Pom Pom Patterns

Pom Pom Graphing from Gift of Curiosity

This is a great introduction to graphing!
Pom Pom Graphing

Sort and Count Maths Bottles from The Imagination Tree
Combine maths with colour learning with this simple activity.
Sort and Count Bottles

Pom Pom Number Board from Craftulate
This activity was from a few years ago when my son first started to learn his numbers.
Pom Pom Number Boards

Firework Pom Poms Math from Fun-A-Day

Lots of different math activities with these gorgeous sparkly pom poms!Firework Pom Poms Math

Sticky Math from Mess-for-Less
This is such a fun use of contact paper and pom poms!Sticky Math

Castle Catapult Math Game from Mom Inspired Life

This counting game looks like some seriously good fun and is a great way to introduce tally marks.Castle Catapult Math Game


Pom Pom Colour Sort and Count from Learn with Play at Home
Minimal set-up required for this activity and lots of ways to play!Pompom Colour Sort & Count

Counting with Pom Poms from What Do We Do All Day?
This counting game uses an egg carton and is perfect for little kids.Counting with Pom Poms

Remember to check out the rest of the math manipulatives ideas, including dice, beads, shells, coins, Lego, rocks, balls and more!Math Made Fun


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