The ABC of Transportation

The ABC of transportation includes art, craft and activities – one for each letter of the alphabet!

The ABC of Transportation - activities and crafts for kids

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Whether your kids love anything with wheels or you’re a teacher or homeschooler looking for inspiration for a transportation unit – this is the resource you need! These are all our own activities, although for some letters there were several options to choose from!


A is for All Things Airplane!

We spent a week focusing on art, craft, activities, books and apps all featuring airplanes!All Things Airplane

B is for Bath Bombs

I hid tiny toy trains in homemade bath bombs – so much fun!!!Hidden Train Bath Bombs

C is for Connect The Dots

I made these transportation-themed worksheets for my son!Connect the Dots

D is for Delivery Truck Craft

Delivery trucks aren’t glamorous, but they play an important role!Delivery Truck Craft

E is for Egg Carton Steam Train

Upcycle an egg carton and a cardboard tube to make this steam train craft!
Egg Carton Steam Train

F is for Fire Truck

We made a fire truck footprint, fire sensory bin, and visited a fire station!Fire Trucks

G is for Glow in the Dark Train Set

Doesn’t every child need one of these?!?Glow in the Dark Trains

H is for Homemade Soap

I made soap leaves for my son in the shape of airplanes, cars and trains!Homemade Soap

I is for I Spy Trucks Game

Get your free printable for this fun game!I Spy Trucks Game

J is for Jigsaw Puzzle

Print out a picture of your child’s favourite vehicle, glue it onto cardboard and make them a simple puzzle!Homemade Jigsaw

K is for Kayak

This kayak craft is made from colored craft sticks!Craft Stick Kayak

L is for London Bus

This craft is perfect for toddlers!London Bus Craft

M is for Measuring Car Jumps

Build a cool car track then measure how far each car jumps!Measuring Car Jumps

N is for Number Hunt

Build a train track and invite your child to collect the numbers in the right order!Train Track Number Hunt

O is for Ooooh Arrrrr Pirate Galleon

Talk like a pirate and make this fun pirate galleon with the kids!Pirate Galleon

P is for Play Dough Construction Site

Kids will love this sensory play activity!Play Dough Construction Site

Q is for Q-Tip Train Art

Practice fine motor skills while creating art!QTip Train Art

R is for Recycled Boat Crafts

We used all kinds of materials from the recycling box to make five different boats!Homemade Boats

S is for Submarine

Kids will love using dot markers to complete these six transportation-themed pictures!transportation-dot-marker-printables

T is for Tractor Track Prints

The most fun you can have with a lint roller! 🙂Tractor Track Prints

U is for Unwrapping Activity

This works on fine motor skills when you wrap the items all different ways!Unwrapping Activity

V is for Vehicle Alphabet

Write the letters of the alphabet using different toy vehicles!alphabet-with-vehicles

W is for What’s Missing Game

We played this game with trains – but it would work equally well with any kind of transportation!What's Missing? Game

X is for eXtra Cool Cardboard BoX ramp

Such a fun way to use a cardboard box! Try it out with anything that has wheels!cardboard-box-ramp

Y is for Yellow School Bus Craft

This school bus is made from a shoe box!Show Box School Bus

Z is for Zzzzzz Construction Site Themed Bedroom

This was such a fun bedroom makeover for my son’s bedroom!Construction Site Bedroom

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