London Bus Craft

On a recent trip back to the UK, we saw a lot of red double-decker buses. Here’s a craft we made to celebrate this London icon!

London Bus Craft - an easy craft for kids to celebrate this London icon!

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I made an example bus for F from red and black card. I cut out black squares for windows and black circles for the wheels. Then I made a “door” that could open and shut, and glued a clipart picture of a bus driver behind it.

London Bus Craft

I gave him all the pieces to see if he could copy my layout. I attached glue dots to red card in areas where the pieces should go.

London Bus Craft

He did pretty well and glued the wheels on first. But he got stuck with the top row of windows as mine had five and he only had four. So we did some counting and got the fifth window placed.

London Bus Craft

And of course we sung many verses of “The Wheels on the Bus”!

This craft is part of our Red Crafts and Activities week.

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