Homemade Soap for Kids

This homemade soap for kids is a great way to encourage little ones to wash their hands!

Homemade Soap for Kids from Craftulate

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Sometimes kids need a little encouragement to wash their hands. Making fun soap for them can really help! To make this homemade soap we used:

Melted soap can be very hot, so my mother and I made these for my son as a surprise. Older kids could help make these, however.

Place the soap in a bowl and microwave in short bursts until completely melted.Homemade Soap for Kids from Craftulate

Working quickly, divide the mixture into different bowls and stir in a drop or two of food dye. Pour the mixture onto large plates. If the soap has started to solidify, place in microwave again until liquid. Work it around the plate until you get a thin layer all over.Homemade Soap for Kids from Craftulate

Leave the soap to set, then use cookie cutters to make the soap shapes. We used a transportation themed set (a car, a train and an airplane) but of course you could use any shapes! Mini cookie cutters would be fun too.Homemade Soap for Kids from Craftulate

Prising the soap shapes off the plate was a little tricky, so a small metal spatula came in handy. When the soap shapes have completely dried they can be placed in a container beside the sink, all ready for use!


Homemade Soap for Kids from Craftulate


We made these ones for my son unscented, but of course it is super easy to add a few drops of your child’s favorite extract or oil. My mother made some pretty green soap flowers in a silicone mold with some added peppermint extract.Homemade Soap for Kids from Craftulate

These would make lovely gifts or party favours!


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