Super Almond Edible Play Dough

Now you can have your play dough AND eat it! This almond edible play dough is easy to make and will surprise your children when you tell them they can eat it!Super Almond Edible Play Dough - just three ingredients!

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There are many different recipes that I found for edible play dough based on peanut butter. Now I have to confess that I *hate* peanut butter. So although my son likes it, I wasn’t sure I could face kneading and playing with a dough that contained peanuts, so I decided to switch it for almond butter. It’s more expensive than peanut butter, but we always have plenty around in our house. For the “flour” element of the play dough, I saw recipes that used ingredients like milk powder, confectioner’s sugar (icing sugar) or even flaxseed meal. As I didn’t have any milk powder or flaxseed meal, and I didn’t want to give my son an edible dough with a load of sugar in, I decided to experiment and use almond meal.


Mix everything together – or find someone to help you!Super Almond Edible Play Dough - just three ingredients!

When everything is combined, it will look a bit like this:Super Almond Edible Play Dough

Time to tip it out of the bowl and knead it for a while. It really isn’t as sticky as you think it will be! Perhaps a little oily, and not perfectly smooth because of the almond meal. But after kneading the dough for a minute or two it will stick together really well and have a nice soft consistency. Also I love the lovely deep earthy colour!Super Almond Edible Play Dough

Of course I had to put it through the taste test and unsurprisingly it was rather nutty and not very sweet. Quite moreish, in fact. Saying that, you probably wouldn’t want to eat too much of it – although not loaded with sugar it is rather high in fat and calories!

I made sure that F had clean hands before he started playing with the dough. As many of the other play doughs we use aren’t edible, I decided to not mix the tools up, and provide only kitchen utensils: a kid-size non stick rolling pin and mini cookie cutters.Super Almond Edible Play Dough - just three ingredients!

F had a good time cutting out the shapes.Super Almond Edible Play Dough


After we played for a while I broke the news to him. This was *special* play dough. He could EAT it! He was cautious at first, but went back for more – which I thought was a good sign! In fact, I had to stop him snacking while he played!

After we had finished playing I wrapped the dough in some parchment paper (baking paper) and stored it in the fridge. We tried playing with it again the next day but it was a little crumbly, even after leaving out at room temperature for a while. However, I *did* discover that it makes a very yummy topping to ice cream!! It’s up to you whether you share this information with the children… 😉

Super Almond Edible Play Dough from Craftulate


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