Paper Plate Fish

Paper plates are super cheap to buy and are very versatile. Here’s how we made this cute paper plate fish craft!

Paper Plate Fish - kids craft

To make this craft you’ll need:
  • Two white paper plates for each fish
  • Paint and brushes
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue and tape

We made two fish at the same time, so F painted four plates in total. He chose his colours and painted them however he wanted!


Once the paint had dried, I cut a mouth shape from one plate, then cut out fins and tail from another plate.

Paper Plate Fish

I assembled the fish using a combination of glue and tape, then asked F to add the googly eye.

Paper Plate Fish

This is a very frugal craft to make – especially if you use paper plates as paint trays and save them!

It is also very adaptable for different age groups. Younger children can just fingerpaint the plates, and older children can help with the cutting and assembly. For a different effect you could also construct the paper plate fish first, then ask your child to paint them.


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