Top 10 Cardboard Box Toys

To celebrate Earth Day here is a collection of ten cardboard box toys – the perfect upcycling activity that everyone will love!Top 10 Cardboard Box Toys that kids will love!

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We’ve been thinking a lot recently about recycling and upcycling. Crafts like this Egg Carton Butterfly were made out of recyclables and it is such a fun way to get one more use out of the items before sending them on their way to get recycled. Last year I was one of the authors of this wonderful book: Green, Crafty & Creative. Not only does it feature crafts made from recyclables, but also crafts from natural materials and eco-friendly ideas for your family and home. I am so proud to be a part of this collaborative work and it fits in so perfectly with the theme of Earth Day! It is available in paperback, ebook and Kindle formats – buy a copy and get inspired today!

Green Crafty & Creative - the book

Cardboard boxes always seem to hold a huge fascination for little ones – so when compiling a “top ten” for Earth Day it seemed like an obvious focus. Here are  a wide variety of toys that you can make from a humble cardboard box – some are decorated and covered, some are left quite plain. I love all of them!

Cardboard Box Ramp for Balls and Cars from Craftulate
All kinds of cardboard are used to make this fun ramp structure for balls or anything that has wheels!cardboard-box-ramp

Thomas the Train Costume
from Craftulate

Did you know you could WEAR a cardboard box too?!?Train Costume

DIY Marble Run
from Craftulate

This game is made in a shoe box lid and uses all kinds of other recyclables and craft materials!DIY Marble Run

Cardboard Box Boat
from Craftulate

Take to the seas in this magnificent sail boat!Cardboard Box Boat

DIY Cardboard Box Blocks
from Sunny Day Family

I love the brick effect of these blocks!DIY Cardboard Blocks

Shoe Box School Bus
from Craftulate

Make this fun craft to help kids get ready for school!Shoe Box Bus

Indoor Golf Game
from Craftulate

This cute game works on gross motor skills AND basic addition!Indoor Golf Game

Cardboard Box Castle
from Playground Parkbench

Get the kids involved and let them paint a castle!Invitation-to-Paint-Cardboard-Box-Castles-

Cardboard Box Car
from Craftulate

Vrooom Vroom!Cardboard Box Car

Delivery Truck Craft
from Craftulate

Celebrate the humble delivery truck with this fun craft!
Delivery Truck Craft


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