27 Jello Activities, Crafts and Snacks

Here are 27 Jello activities, crafts, art and snacks! Let’s get wiggling and jiggling!

27 Jello Activities, Crafts and Snacks by Craftulate

We are taking part in the 31 Days of ABCs series, and we are featuring J – for Jello! We took part in this series last year with D is for Dough. We are so pleased to be part of it again this year!


Jello Activities

Jello is great for creating sensory activities – the bright colours, scents and of course textures will keep kids coming back for more. It is also the perfect ingredient for some fun science experiments and great for hiding toys in!

Jello Activities

1. Rainbow Jello Sensory Bin from Craftulate

2. Scented Colour Mixing from Craftulate

3. Exploring Jello with Kitchen Tools from Powerful Mothering

4. Ocean Exploration on the Light Table from Still Playing School

5. Glowing Jello Experiment from Learn Play Imagine

6. Jello Bubbles from Momma’s Fun World

7. Jello Sensory Bin for Baby from Stay at Home Educator

8. Jello Brain Surgery from Left Brain Craft Brain

9. Ten Jello Science Experiments from The Chaos and the Clutter


Jello Crafts and Art

Jello can be used to make play dough, paint, building blocks and some fun art!

Jello Crafts

10. Jello Play Dough from Craftulate

11. Jello Pudding Paint from Craftulate

12. Kadinsky Jello Art from Lalymom

13. Jello Mural from Bee in our Bonnet

14. Jelly Silly Putty from Paging Fun Mums

15. Candy Ink from Kids Activities Blog

16. Jello Building Blocks from Kiwi Crate

17. Jello Art Activity from A Little Pinch of Perfect


Jello Snacks

Don’t forget you can eat Jello, too! Oh right, you didn’t! Here are some creative ways to use Jello to make some really fun snacks.

Jello Snacks

18. Edible Eyeballs from Craftulate

19. Shark Fin Jello Cups from Oh My Creative

20. Rainbow Jello Cups from Mess for Less

21. Jello Popsicles from One Sweet Appetite

22. Rainbow Jello Orange Slices from Tablespoon

23. Edible Jelly Worms from Adventures of Adam

24. Mini Jello Aquariums from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

25. Jello Shaved Ice from Tips from a Typical Mom

26. Jello Monsters from Mama Pea Pod

27. Dreaming of Summer Teddy Bear Jello Snack from Childhood 101


Check out the rest of the series!! 


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