Jello Pudding Paint

Jello pudding paint is a fun vibrant homemade paint that smells amazing and is totally taste-safe!

Jello Pudding Paint - a taste-safe homemade paint recipe for little kids

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My grocery delivery company sent me a box of Jello lemon pudding/pie mix by mistake the other day, so I decided to make it into some taste-safe paint!

I cooked the pudding mix according to the instructions, adding water, egg yolks and sugar (although I used xylitol instead of sugar, just in case the kids actually ate it!). Then I divided it up and added 3-4 drops of food coloring to each. As the base color was lemon yellow, colors like pink and blue were hard to achieve, but it didn’t really matter because the colors of the pudding paint were so vibrant.

Jello Pudding Paint - a taste-safe homemade paint recipe for little kids
When we next hosted a crafty playdate with friends  we tried out the paint. It needed a little water on the brush to get going, and was fairly pale compared to other paints. But the paints had a lovely fresh lemony smell! 

The paint took several hours to dry but still retained some of that scent.

This is a great paint for very young children to use for finger painting, although you wouldn’t want them to consume TOO much of it! Older children may be dissatisfied with the paler colours if they are used to brighter ones.
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