Googly Eyes!

Welcome to the first in a new series starting today – The Ultimate Guide to 50 Craft Materials. Each day a different blogger will feature a kid’s craft material to create an amazing resource! If you’re a regular reader of my blog you won’t be surprised to know that my chosen craft material is googly eyes!Googly Eyes - everything you need to know about this craft material

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I think the key reason why I use them so frequently in our crafts is that they instantly make anything comical and friendly. Check out this spider we made for Halloween – the googly eyes make it instantly full of character!

Halloween Spider

The second reason that I love using them is that they are essential for making monsters. Monsters are a “catch-all” term that can be used for many crafts where the finished result doesn’t resemble anything definite. We’ve made monsters from salt dough:

Salt Dough Monsters

We’ve also decorated cookies to look like monsters using edible googly eyes:

Toddler-Decorated Monster Cookies

A few weeks ago I glued googly eyes onto some paper before F started drawing, and he created a “monster” around them.

Googly Eyes!

Just look at the difference the eyes make. Is it a ball of dough? Or a cute ball of dough?Craftulate: Googly Eyes!

Is it a splodgy painty handprint or a fish?Craftulate: Googly Eyes!

We made a special Googly Eye Project for this series using a chunky wooden “F” block that I bought discounted from a craft store. We received the wiggly eyes (as they are also known) free from Googly Eyes!

F squeezed on some glue then he added the eyes.
Googly Eyes

After he’d finished I filled in the gaps to complete this fun decoration!

Googly Eyes

I hope I’ve inspired you to become a convert to using googly eyes! If you need more inspiration please follow my We Love Googly Eyes Pinterest board!


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