All Things Truck!

The next vehicle in our transportation series is trucks!! F has become obsessed with trucks of every kind, so this week we looked at garbage trucks, fire trucks, delivery trucks and ice cream trucks. Note – I’ve not featured dump trucks this week as they are part of our construction site vehicle unit!

All Things Truck! Crafts and activities for kids with a truck theme!

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Check out the fire truck arts, crafts and activities that we did this week!

Fire and Fire Trucks for Toddlers

Truck Arts & Crafts

Colouring and Painting
F coloured in a picture of an ice cream truck.

All Things Truck!

Garbage truck craft
I downloaded a picture of a garbage truck from and F painted it blue.

All Things Truck!

Then I cut out the truck image. I taped some clear contact paper (sticky side up) onto some construction paper, and placed the truck image in the center. I’ll be honest, and say that this part wasn’t as easy as expected – lots of stickiness going on and the construction paper didn’t lie flat in the end. Anyway, I collected lots of little bits of trash/rubbish/garbage: shredded paper, bottle tops, pieces of straw, packing foam peanuts, kitchen foil balls, plastic wrappers etc.

All Things Truck!

Then we made a collage around the garbage truck!

All Things Truck!
All Things Truck!

Delivery truck craft 
This is how I made a delivery truck for F.

Delivery Truck Craft

Truck Activities

Garbage Truck Song
I found a really cute garbage truck song online from Nancy Stewart. I played it to F and I did a selection of the suggested accompanying actions. He really enjoyed it – AND the next 12 times that I got asked to play it!

Trucks: Smallest to Biggest
This is the kind of activity that can be done with almost anything! I collected all the toy trucks and I prompted F to arrange them from smallest to biggest.

All Things Truck!

He needed some help as this is a new concept for him, but we got there in the end!

Truck Books

For some great reading ideas check out our Top 10 Books About Trucks!

Truck Kindle Apps

Stop & Go
This app features a range of vehicles (but a lot of them are types of truck) that the user can control by selecting the green or red traffic signal.

Kids Trucks: Preschool Learning – Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors
This app has a wide range of simple activities where the user has to push the correct button, matching speech to image.



50 Transportation Crafts for Little Kids - get the book!


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