Welcome to All Things Transport! Here you’ll find a list of all our transport themed units. All Things Transport - crafts and activities that feature cars, buses, trucks, trains, airplanes, boats and more!

Each unit covers art, craft and activity ideas to go with each type of vehicle, as well as book and Kindle app recommendations. 

All Things Airplane!

All Things Airplane

All Things Car!

All Things Car!


All Things Truck!

All Things Truck!

All Things Tractor!

All Things Tractor

All Things Boat!

All Things Boat!


All Things Construction Vehicle!All Things Construction Vehicle!

All Things Bus!

All Things Bus

All Things Train!

All Things Train! Crafts and activities with a train theme!

All Things Transport! Crafts and activities for trucks, cars, trains and more Click To Tweet


Which transportation theme is your child’s favorite?!?! And if these crafts aren’t enough – check out my book!

50 Transportation Crafts for Little Kids - get the book!