All Things Car!

Following the success of our recent All Things Airplane week it felt only natural to move onto another form of transportation. So this week we looked at all kinds of crafts and activities that were all things car!

 All Things Car! Crafts and activities for kids with a car theme!

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Car Art and Crafts

Painting with Cars
Some time ago we tried painting with a toy truck, and I thought that it was time we revisited this painting technique and paint with toy cars. OK, so afterwards I noticed that a train got into the mix, no idea how that happened!

All Things Car!

Colouring Cars
With every theme we do, I always include some colouring. It doesn’t make for the most interesting part of the blog post but it really shows me how much better F is getting with colouring. This is all his own work (picture is from DLTK).

All Things Car!

Play Dough and Pouch Cap Cars
I absolutely love this idea from Inner Child Fun. F so loves his dough at the moment that this was a perfect way to work it into the theme. I shaped the cars and then he helped me add the wheels. They slid across the vinyl tablecloth pretty well. Vroooom!

 All Things Car! Crafts and activities for kids with a car theme!

Looking for more pouch cap activities? Here are 10 great ideas!

Pringles Can Car
See here for a great tutorial on how to make a car from a Pringles can – written by my husband!

Pringles Can Racing Car

Car Pens
I’ve seen lots of versions of these cool cars with markers taped on to the back – not sure who thought of it first but I first saw the idea at First Palette. I taped a long piece of brown paper to the floor and let F loose on it! The pens occasionally went over the paper but I had a baby wipe on hand and the marks came off the floor easily.

All Things Car!

Car Activities

Car Ramps
Pieces of cardboard box are perfect for making into quick ramps for cars!

Fun Car-Themed Food
I saw this great idea from BentOnBetterLunches for apple and grape car snacks, and had to try them! My version didn’t look as good as the original but F very kindly said “car!”when he saw them, which is all that matters I suppose!

All Things Car!

After this I was inspired to make a car using bananas. This took literally 30 seconds to make!

All Things Car!

Stringing Cars
F was given this great set made by Alex Toys well over a year ago and he still likes to sit quietly and play with it! It is great for fine motor skills.

Cardboard Box Car
See here for how we made a car from a cardboard box!

Cardboard Box Car
This wouldn’t normally be a recommended toy for a 2 year old – but as I have just received this set for my birthday it is inevitable that F would want to play with it too! It takes a great amount of control and concentration for him to press the button and make the cars stay on the track. Although it is also a lot of fun when they whizz off the track!

All Things Car!

Car Books

Mini Magic Color Book: Cars by Janet Sacks
This is such a cute little book. There are five different cars that have no colour at first, then when you pull the tab it “magically” has a colour!


Noisy Peekaboo Vroom Vroom by DK Publishing
This book features vehicles other than cars but it is rather fun, with flaps and noises.

My Car by Byron Barton
This is a really cute book with bright, engaging illustrations.

Here are some of our previous car themed activities:

Quick and Easy Car Cakes

Quick and Easy Car Cakes

Cardboard Box Ramp for Cars and Balls

 Cardboard Box Ramp

50 Transportation Crafts for Little Kids - get the book!

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