7 Fine Motor Crafts using Paper Punches

These fine motor crafts all use paper punches to create different artwork and activities.

7 Fine Motor Crafts using Paper Punches from Craftulate

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Circle punches are such a great tool for working on fine motor skills. Firstly, children work on their hand-eye coordination by positioning the paper inside the punch. Then they work on hand strength by pushing down to punch the paper. And finally they then get to work with a teeny tiny bit of paper – and the best way to pick it up is with a pincer grasp. There are so many types of artwork or fun activities that can be created with paper punches!


Paper Punch Tree
We used scrap paper circles on a tree template to create this beautiful wall art.Circle Punch Art

Fall Leaf Collage

We used a very small maple leaf punch to create this fall picture.
Fall Leaf Punch Collage

Valentine Matching Activity

This Valentine’s Day activity involves matching circles of the right size and colour.Valentine Match Activity

Owl Collage
We used circle punches and scrap paper to make these cute owl collages!Owl Collage

Paper Bag Luminary

We used a snowflake punch to make this winter luminary but you could use any kind!Paper Bag Luminary

Circle Punch Fish

We cut circles from paint swatches to make this cute fish picture.Paint Swatch Fish

Mess Free Snowflake Art

No glue or paint needed to create this wintery scene!mess-free-snowflake-art

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