Size and Colour Valentine Match Activity

This Valentine match activity works on size and colour matching as well as fine motor skills!

Size and Colour Valentine Match Activity from Craftulate

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To make this activity I used:

Cut a large heart shape from each colour of card. I printed out a template first as my free-hand heart shapes are notoriously dreadful! Use the two sizes of circle punch to cut holes from each heart.Size and Colour Valentine Match Activity

Tape a sheet of clear Contact paper to a wall or window, sticky side out. It should be large enough to place all your card hearts onto. I found that although the holes looked fun when taped to a window, we couldn’t see the colours properly, so I taped it to a white wall.Size and Colour Valentine Match Activity

Provide your child with the punched-out circles and ask them to match them to the holes on the hearts. F happily placed each circle, carefully ensuring they were positioned exactly into the hole.Size and Colour Valentine Match Activity

He was very pleased with himself when he had completed all four hearts!


This would be a lovely activity for an older sibling to make for a younger one. The older child can develop hand strength by operating the circle punches, and the younger child works on pincer grip and hand-eye coordination as they place each circle.

This activity was inspired by LalyMom’s Paper Punch Color Match Turkey.

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