All Things Boat!

Ships, ferries, arks, yachts, tankers and tugs – yes, it’s Boat Week!

All Things Boat! Crafts and activities for kids with a boat theme!

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Boat Art and Crafts

Boat Collage
I cut out some photos of boats from one of my husband’s sailing magazines. Then I put various shades of blue construction and tissue paper through the shredder. I spread glue all over a piece of white cardstock and invited F to add the shredded paper. Then we added the boat photos to the “water”.

All Things Boat!


All Things Boat! Crafts and activities for kids with a boat theme!

Boat Footprint
I painted F’s foot red (it always tickles him so we do this in giggles) then made a print on white card. I glued the footprint to some blue construction paper and added a red craft stick for a mast and triangles cut from a white plastic grocery bag for the sails.

All Things Boat! Crafts and activities for kids with a boat theme!

Homemade Boats
I wanted to make a homemade boat with F and we got rather carried away – we made FIVE boats!

Five Homemade Boats

F coloured in two boat pictures that I printed out.

All Things Boat!

Seagull Sailor Papercraft
Despite requiring 37 different parts to make this rowing seagull toy from Canon Creative Park, I just couldn’t resist! This is definitely a craft for adults to make but it is SO awesome!

All Things Boat!

When you push the boat back and forth the seagull “rows”! I don’t have a video but you get the idea on the Canon site.

Pirate Galleon
We couldn’t cover all things boat without featuring a pirate galleon! See here for our craft and lots more pirate activities.

All Things Boat!

Boat Activities

Sailboat Trip
Taking a toddler on a sailboat is not a calm and relaxing experience, but F did fairly well! He loved looking around and was very intrigued by the water… I just wish he hadn’t wanted to throw himself in it so often!

Boat-themed Park
We are lucky enough to have a boat-themed playground near our house. There are two main climbing areas with many slides, bridges and even a crow’s nest! There is also a boat-shaped sandbox.

Boats in the Bath
We did LOTS lots of boat-play in the bath this week!

All Things Boat!

Boat Books

Boats by Byron Barton
This cute book has eye-catching illustrations and features a rowboat, sailboat, motorboat, cruise ship and many more.

Busy Boats by Tony Mitton
The rhyming text of Busy Boats flows really well and is great to read.

Tiny Rockers: Boat by Justine Smith
The boat on the front cover of this book rocks from side to side. The pages inside contain a textured sail, a houseboat flap, shiny sea and a sliding motor boat.

Boat Kindle Apps

Animals’ Boat for toddlers
This is a super simple app – with animals lurking in the portholes of an ark-type boat. When you press them they pop out and make a noise – it really makes F giggle! It can be a little bit slow to load but is currently free, so I don’t like to complain!


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