7 Mess Free Painting Projects

These mess free painting activities show different techniques for keeping clean during your next art session with the kids!7 Mess Free Painting Projects - keep your next art session with the kids clean!

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I well remember the Christmas Day morning where my son asked if he could get the paints out. He was in his “finest” toddler¬†clothes that he possessed and NO WAY was I letting paint near them. It didn’t matter if it was washable paint, I just wanted every chance of him remaining in those clothes all day. Mess free painting projects were some of the first activities we did together. In fact – I felt so strongly about avoiding mess that this blog was nearly dedicated entirely to mess free art and crafts!

So whether it’s their clothes you want to save – or perhaps you’re visiting a relative’s house who would be less than impressed at paint splatters – try these out! Many are aimed at very young children, but there is no reason why older ones wouldn’t enjoy them too!

Mess Free Color Mixing from Craftulate
The technique here is to tape a layer of plastic wrap (cling film) over the top of the paper and paint. It really works!Mess Free Primary Color Mixing

Mess Free Painting in a Bag from Craftulate
A classic method for keeping clean during an art session!Mess Free Painting in a Bag

Mess Free Bubble Wrap Painting from Sugar Aunts
This is a fun variation on the painting in a bag technique.Bubble Wrap Painting

Marble Painting in a Cake Tin from Craftulate
We used a cake tin for this painting project, but any lidded container with a clear lid would work too!Marble Painting in a Cake Tin

Mess Free Pour-Paint Rockets from Toddler Approved
A genius way of painting a plastic bottle to make into a rocket!pour paint rockets


Mess Free Painting with Water on Chalkboard from I Can Teach My Child
Think outside the box, ditch the paints, and just use water! Paint with Water on Chalkboard


Painting in a Can from Craftulate
One of the very first posts that I published on Craftulate!

Painting in a Can

I hope these projects have inspired you to get painting with your kids – the mess free way!

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