Top 10 School Bus Crafts

Get your kids ready for school with these cute school bus crafts!Top 10 School Bus Crafts

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One day, my son will go to school on a bus. If this sounds normal to you, then great. But I grew up in the UK and buses are not a normal way of getting to school. There are more schools, but they’re smaller. This increases the chance of people being able to walk to them. Until my son joins the US system I couldn’t tell you which is better or worse – but what I do know is that school buses are an iconic part of American childhood, so I’m celebrating them today with these ten fabulous crafts.

Shoe Box School Bus from Craftulate
We made this craft nearly 1½ years ago but I still love it!

Top 10 School Bus Crafts

Craft Stick School Bus from Reading Confetti

I love the idea of filling the windows with photos!
Top 10 School Bus Crafts

Back to School Countdown Calendar
from Lalymom

This is such a fun craft to get kids ready for the start of the school year!
Back to School Countdown Advent Calendar Craft from Lalymom

Cardboard Box School Bus
from Toddler Approved

This goes a step further than the shoe box – this bus can be worn as a costume!
Top 10 School Bus Crafts

School Bus Footprint
from Craftulate

This is a really cute way of making school bus art!
Footprint School Bus

School Bus Pencil Holder
from Playtivities

This is such a fun use of recyclable items!School Bus Pen Holder

School Bus Snack from 3 Boys and a Dog

I’m hoping you think of creative food as a craft because this snack is so clever!
School Bus Snack

School Bus Friends Craft from Craftulate

Kids can personalise who is on the school bus with this craft!Top 10 School Bus Crafts

Printable School Bus Craft from Learn Create Love

A super easy way to make a fun bus craft!
School Bus Printable Craft

Shape School Bus Activity from JDaniel4’s Mom
Kids will love filling this bus outline with simple shapesShape Bus Craft

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