8 Super Fun Ways to Learn Colours

Here are some super fun ways  for kids to learn colours, including sorting activities, fine motor skills, matching games, gross motor skills and more!

8 Super Fun Ways to Learn Colours

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There are so many fun ways to teach children  their colours – here are 8 ways that I used to teach my son!

Homemade Colour Book

This super simple colour book was made from paint swatches and stickers.
Homemade Colour Book

Colour Sorting with Water Beads

Water beads are great for working on fine motor skills, and after colouring them with food dye we had a great time sorting them!
Water Beads

Colour Sorting Cups

This is a great activity for young children to encourage them think about each colour.

Colour Sorting Cups

Learning Colours with Brown Bear

This nine week series features the colours and animals from the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? Each week we studied a different animal from the book, with arts, crafts and activities to go with each one.

Learning Colours with Brown Bear

Colour Sorting with Trains

This activity incorporated my son’s favourite toys : trains!Colour Sorting with Trains

Bean Bag Colour Match Game

I made some bean bags (tutorial included) and then my son got some good gross motor skills practice by trying to throw them into a large bowl of the same colour.
Bean Bag Games

Mess Free Colour Mixing

Once my son had learnt the basic colours, the next stage was to learn about how to mix them! This is an easy mess-free way to mix primary colours, also incorporating the book Mouse Paint. 

Mess Free Color Mixing

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