Colour Sorting Cups

I recently bought six plastic cups in different colours. What possible use could they have other than to use them for a fine motor skills colour sorting activity?Colour Sorting Cups - toddler activity

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I was inspired by Thrive 360 Living who used small plastic containers with felt circles in the base. As the cups were coloured already I just had to collect the items to sort. I collected a wide selection of things: feathers, magnetic numbers, Duplo blocks, bottle caps, foam bug stickers, pom poms, coloured craft sticks, beads, straws, foam letters, buttons and lots more! I just used whatever I had around that fit the six colours of the cups: pink, purple, yellow, green, blue and orange. You should be aware, however, that small items may be a choking hazard to young children, so take care when selecting.

Colour Sorting Cups by Craftulate

We recently completed a nine week series on learning colours with the animals from Brown Bear. There wasn’t a pink animal so I was pleased we could work on pink with this activity!

I set out the activity for F and as usual he wanted to investigate every single item! But when he did decide to put it in a cup, he chose the right colour.Colour Sorting Cups - toddler activity

We continued over the next few days, and slowly made progress with sorting all the items. We talked about the colours as he picked up each item.¬†Although he sorted them correctly, he would often answer “purple” if I held up either a pink or purple item. So we focused on the pink items for a while.

Colour Sorting Cups - toddler activity

I kept the activity going into the third day, and he still was enjoying checking out each item as well as sorting them.

Colour Sorting Cups - toddler activity

But with a *little* bit of help – he finally finished sorting!

Colour Sorting Cups

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