Fire and Fire Trucks for Toddlers

I’ve been introducing my toddler to fire and fire trucks this week – with art, crafts, apps, a sensory bin and a fire station visit!
Fire and Fire Trucks for Toddlers by Craftulate

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I always feel slightly bad when F’s eyes light up with glee when he hears or sees a fire truck. Nee-nah-nee-nah-nee-nah! I’m sure it’s perfectly normal (he’s only 28 months old) but I can’t help thinking about the emergency that the truck is rushing to. I decided to gently introduce him to the concept that fire trucks do more than produce sirens and flashing lights.

Art and Crafts
F painted a page from our Melissa a & Doug Paint with Water book.

Fire and Fire Trucks for Toddlers

Footprint Fire Truck
I painted F’s foot red and made a print from it. It wasn’t the clearest print but it still made a fun fire truck, as inspired by Sweet and Lovely Crafts.

Fire and Fire Trucks for Toddlers

Fire Truck Papercraft for Kids
I downloaded this great fire truck craft from Learn Create Love (we have made loads of crafts from here – we did four of them for our Construction Site Themed Room!). I worked with F to help him colour the correct parts of the truck with the right colour. He mostly got it right!

Fire and Fire Trucks for Toddlers

The I cut out the pieces, and glued the main truck piece onto some construction paper. I helped F with the positioning of some of the pieces, but I left some (like the wheels and hose) completely up to him!

Fire and Fire Trucks for Toddlers

Fire Truck Papercraft for Adults
I love papercraft and couldn’t resist making this cute little paper fire truck for F from Canon Creative Park. The ladder rotates, tips, and even extends! F was really gentle with it!

Fire and Fire Trucks for Toddlers

Fire Sensory Bin
I made a sensory bin using the colours of fire combined with different textures. Although (for obvious reasons) it doesn’t closely resemble a real fire, it was still good fun! Not that fires are good fun but – oh, you know what I mean. Here are the components of the bin:

  • strips of yellow/orange/red fabric, felt and ribbon
  • shredded yellow/orange/red tissue paper
  • clip art images of flames, fire trucks, hydrants etc
  • toy fire trucks
  • Shimmer Poms (from
  • red/yellow/orange pipe cleaners, beads, craft sticks and straws

I love how the colours were so bright and vibrant! The Shimmer Poms had been sent to me by as part of a bundle of craft supplies to try out. They were absolutely perfect for this sensory bin!

Fire and Fire Trucks for Toddlers

The next day we played with this again, but made a mess this time by running our fingers through the paper and fabric and dropping them from a height! He even got a sensory foot experience!

Fire and Fire Trucks for Toddlers

Dressing up like a Firefighter
We didn’t quite manage to complete this activity as F was slightly… um… reluctant. At a play cafe I found a firefighter’s outfit and showed him the hat. This was as close as it got to being worn…

Fire and Fire Trucks for Toddlers

No dressing up for him today!

Fire Station Visit
We went to our nearest fire station and looked at the fire trucks which look VERY big close up! A fireman came over to say hello and said they were cleaning but we could look around if we would like. I couldn’t take many photos as I was running after F, but we saw the fireman’s pole, ladders and two trucks.

Fire and Fire Trucks for Toddlers

Kindle Apps:
Wubzy’s Fire Engine Adventure
This app has many options but is mainly an interactive story. F is just about getting into the story but the app also offers two games (one letters, one numbers) which he LOVES!

Fire Rescue
This is F’s go-to app right now. The fire truck needs to be guided around the town, and the user helps to put out fires, rescue cats, and refill the tanker with water. It also offers some great practical advice like how to dial 911, and how to Stop, Drop, Roll.

Kids Vehicles 1: Interactive Fire Truck
I downloaded this app but haven’t given it to F yet as I think he is too young for it. But the graphics look great and the game options include finding items on the truck, squirting water to put out a fire, and driving the fire truck.

More fire-related resources from around the web:
Books about Firefighters and Fire Trucks from No Time for Flashcards

Activities for Fire Prevention Week from the Good Long Road

Great fire safety resources from Preschool Printables

Write and Count Fire Trucks and Milk Carton Fire Station from No Time for Flashcards

Put out the Fire! (outdoor hose activity) from Toddler Approved!

Introducing Fire Safety to Toddlers and Preschoolers from Code Name: Mama

Fire Truck Sandwich from Little Nummies

Please see here for some guidelines from the USFA for preparing, practicing and preventing a fire. Also see here for their free kid’s activities book. 

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