18 Kid Made Wall Art Ideas

I love brightening up our house with art that my son has made. Here are 18 kid made wall art ideas should you like to do the same!

18 Kid Made Wall Art Ideas

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Most of my son’s artwork gets pegged onto a “washing line” that we have on our living room wall. These pictures change regularly, incorporating some of the artwork that F does at school. But sometimes it is nice to work on special pieces – perhaps on a canvas or properly framed.

Kitchen Wall Art

One of my favorite pieces of wall art that my son and I have created is on permanent display in the kitchen. Letters E, A and T on canvas, made with dyed rice, couscous and salt.Kitchen Wall Art




Construction Vehicle Wall Art

We used some great printables from Learn Create Love to make this cement truck, backhoe, bulldozer and dump truck artwork for my son’s bedroom.

Construction Vehicle Wall Art

Tape Resist Banner

My son made this banner for his Daddy for Valentine’s Day, but this method of creating wall art could be used for pretty much any event or celebration!Toddler Made Banner


Family Hands Art

Although my son didn’t help me make this particular piece  of wall art, the concept is so simple that now he’s a little older I’m sure he could assist.

Family Hands Wall Art


Personalised Wall Art Gifts

Like the tape-resist banner, this uses the same technique but using canvas boards instead of canvas paper. We made these to give to F’s cousins.

Personalised Wall Art Gifts

Button Art

These are really easy to make and very adaptable for different age groups.

Button Art

Sticky Wall

This can be as permanent as you want it to be! It uses a large piece of contact paper and then any decorations that you want!

Sticky Wall Art


50 Art Techniques for Little Kids - the book

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