Toddler-Made Tape Resist Banner

My toddler was a great help when we made this tape resist banner together for Valentine’s Day, using small pieces of canvas paper, tape and paint. It would be great for Father’s Day, too!Toddler-Made Tape Resist Banner - for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day - and more!

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OK, I admit it. I *love* doing tape resist artwork with my son. The effort is all in the set-up which I can do in a quiet moment. Usually we use canvas boards or panels for this because the tape has a habit of sticking to paper or card. My favorite so far is the personalized name wall art we made for F’s cousins back in the UK. But at the craft store the other day I found a pad of canvas paper. It’s 5×7″ and was only $1 for eighteen sheets! It’s textured and coated, so we just had to try it for some tape resist art. You can also buy it from Amazon.

Due to the size I decided to make a banner for F to give to his Daddy for Valentine’s Day – but this technique could be used for any kind of event or celebration. I wanted each page to be a different color, so I taped out the message with one letter on each page.  I have taped out a heart previously when we made some Valentines crafts last year, and it’s not the easiest thing to tape out! But the banner will read “I ♥ Daddy”.

Toddler-Made Tape Resist Banner

F isn’t keen on doing a lot of painting right now, so we just did a couple of pages at a time over several sessions. He used a combination of bristle brush and foam brush, and painted over the tape.Toddler-Made Tape Resist Banner - for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day - and more!

Once it was dry, I carefully peeled off the tape.

Toddler-Made Tape Resist Banner

When all the letters had been completed, I hung them up on our “clothesline” that we use to display artwork in our living room.

Toddler-Made Tape Resist Banner

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