Valentines Fine Motor Play

Although my son isn’t quite ready to start sending Valentine cards, I love the excuse to play with all things red and hearts! Here’s our Valentines fine motor activity.Valentines Fine Motor Play - transferring hearts and water beads with tongs!

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I set this up as a free play activity, and didn’t give F any direction. Here are the components:

  • Red heart-shaped vase (from the dollar store. Classy, huh?)
  • Red plastic heart gems (also from the dollar store)
  • Clear water beads
  • Red food dye
  • Red heart shaped bucket (from a party store)
  • Clear tongs (again from the dollar store – I bought *four* pairs for a dollar!)

First I added a little red food dye to the water beads and let them “stew” for a while. Then we were ready to play!

Valentines Fine Motor Play

F loved the clear tongs, and decided to transfer the water beads into the bucket. There was something rather appealing about being able to see the water beads in the “spoons” of the tongs.

He decided some of the gems should go into the vase. But then changed his mind and transferred them into the bucket.

He played this way for some time, but once he had got all the gems and beads into the bucket he tried to pour them all into one of the white bowls, spilling contents all over the place!Valentines Fine Motor Play - transferring hearts and water beads with tongs!

Because of the food dye, unfortunately this made quite a bit of a mess, at which point he decided he’d had enough! But it was fun while it lasted!

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