Tree Blossom Craft

This tree blossom craft is a wonderful spring art activity to do with the kids.

Tree Blossom Craft - a great spring craft!

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We moved to our new house in February, and one of the most enjoyable parts of the move is seeing how the surrounding area develops as the seasons change. One of the most beautiful things at the moment is the redbud tree: it has bright pink blossom before it even grows leaves. The huge pop of color is VERY welcome!

Tree Blossom Craft

My son and I decided to celebrate the tree by┬árecreating our own version. I cut some brown card into strips of all shapes and sizes using my paper guillotine. If you have kids old enough to sit and cut the strips for you – then even better!Tree Blossom Craft

I glued a trunk onto a large piece of paper to start F off. However, he told me it was too difficult and wanted help, so he sat on my lap and we did it together.Tree Blossom Craft

Once the glue had dried, we mixed up a combination of paints to try and get the correct redbud blossom color.Tree Blossom Craft

Then he used a scrubbing brush to print the blossom. Painting with scrubbers (and scourers and sponges) was one of the first painting activities we did together well over two years ago. I still have the same scrubber which is perfect for little hands.Tree Blossom Craft

The scrubber recreated the blossom perfectly! We were really happy with the final result!Tree Blossom Craft



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