Train Party Crafts

Here are some of the train party crafts that I provided for my son’s recent birthday party!

Train Party Crafts

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The ages of the children at F’s party ranged from 1.5 to nearly 6. Which made things rather tricky in terms of suitable entertainment. So I prepared these crafts that worked for all the guests in some way!

Train Face Costume

This idea was inspired by Crack of Dawn Crafts and it was a craft and costume combined! Each child made a train face on a silver paper plate using pre-cut face parts and glue.Train Party Crafts

Once the face was dry I glued it to a 9×12″craft foam sheet that I had prepared in advance. Before the party I glued two black felt straps between two foam sheets, then added some buffer and funnel details to the front.

Train Party Crafts

When the paper plate was attached it formed a simple costume that the kids could just slip over their heads. Here are some of the kids from the party!Train Party Crafts

Group Artwork

I wanted to make a group artwork for F so before the party I printed out several copies of this steam train from CraftScope.

Train Party Crafts

Each child decorated a train carriage with marker pens, crayons, stickers and stampers. My intention had been that F would decorate the steam engine himself, but he had ZERO interest in coloring pages at his own party!! So I gave the eldest child a special commission to color it for him. Then we put them all up on the wall in one long train – such a special memory!

Train Party Crafts

I also left out some pages from a Thomas Coloring Book that F received for his birthday, so there was always something for the kids to do.


Train Party Food

I provided food that was all wheel-shaped: mini bagels, mini oreos, Cheerios, mini rice cakes, circles of watermelon, mini pancakes and circles of cheese. This was really easy to prepare, and everything was simple and straightforward – usually what kids want!

I also made these mini cupcakes. The cupcake topper was made from royal blue candy melts and I used a train candy mold. Then I made wrappers using some themed wrapping paper.

Train Party Crafts


F also had a Thomas the Train theme for his 2nd birthday party!

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