Sun Suncatcher Craft

What better way to catch the sun’s rays than with this cute sun suncatcher craft?

Sun Suncatcher Craft from Craftulate

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To make this craft we used:

Prepare the tissue paper by cutting it into small shapes. Depending in the age of the child they can help with this stage!Sun Suncatcher Craft

Tape a piece of contact paper (sticky side up) to a table and invite your child to decorate it with the tissue paper pieces. It doesn’t really matter whether the pieces overlap or there are gaps between the paper!

When they have finished, seal the tissue paper by covering it with another piece of contact paper, sticky sides together. Cut a circle out of the middle of the plate slightly smaller than the decorated contact paper (this is a job for a grown up!)Sun Suncatcher Craft

Cut the contact paper into a circle shape then tape it to the back of the paper plate. If you like, draw on a happy sunny face with a marker pen.Sun Suncatcher Craft

Tape it to the window for some sun-catching action!Sun Suncatcher Craft from Craftulate


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