Stained Glass Letters

These stained glass letters are made from paper plates and cellophane and look very pretty when displayed on a window.

Stained Glass Letters using paper plates by Craftulate

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To make these stained glass letters we used:

I prepared the paper plates by I drawing an outline of each letter with the pencil – be careful of those with a counter (eg B, D, O, P, Q, R) so that you don’t let the middle part fall out! You’ll need to keep the counter attached to the paper plate (see my letter “O”). I used the word “NOEL” because I had four children who would be helping me make this craft and I wanted them to make a letter each. Using the craft knife I cut out the letter (again, watch out for those counters) – also this is a job for a grown-up!

I gave the plates to the kids with sheets of cellophane, scissors and glue. I turned the plates over and showed them how to cut strips of cello and glue them onto the reverse side of the plate. I should mention that we started with white craft glue, but this has a habit of smearing onto the cello and ruining the see-through image, so we quickly switched to a glue stick. They covered the letters with the cello pieces.Stained Glass Letters


We finished the craft on a separate occasion, and they glued snowflake sequins onto the front of the plate.Stained Glass Letters


When completed the plates looked rather pretty on their own, and VERY pretty when up at the window!

Stained Glass Letters

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