Sparkly Pour-Paint Ornaments

We have been getting ready for the holidays with this pour-paint ornament craft!Sparkly Pour-Paint Ornaments

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This is such a fun way to make ornaments with the kids!

Materials Used:

*I used clear fillable ornaments for this project. They don’t necessarily need to be clear and definitely don’t need to be fillable, but I rather liked the idea of the paint pouring down a (sort of) bubble!

I settled the ornament onto a little cup to hold it off the table and keep it steady. Then I poured the paint down from the top.

The FolkArt paint is great quality and very thick, so in some places I had to help ease it down the ornament with a wooden pick or back of a spoon.

The paint adhered to the acrylic really well! The paint was quite thick in parts so I left it overnight to dry. The paint will continue to slowly edge down the ornament, so make sure you protect the surface – or you could even hang it up to dry!The next day I spread a layer of sparkle Mod Podge over the whole ornament. If you are unfamiliar with Mod Podge it is an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish. Mod Podge was originally intended for decoupage projects  but it is now used for so much more! It is available in a variety of formulas at retailers nationwide and also on Plaid’s website.

Craftulate: Sparkly Pour-Paint Ornaments

I have always been unsure of which brush to use but these Mod Podge “spouncers” – little sponges with handles – are perfect for Mod Podge application! The sparkle Mod Podge gives quite a subtle effect. There is also a glitter version if you want more impact!

Sparkly Pour-Paint Ornaments

I adapted this craft so that my toddler could try it too! He squeezed paint onto small wooden ornament shapes, then moved the paint around with a wooden pick, small brush and a spork to get different effects. And yes, I did just say spork.

The next day we painted a layer of sparkle Mod Podge over the painted wooden ornaments.

Craftulate: Sparkly Pour-Paint Ornaments

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