Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees

These pipe cleaner Christmas trees are a fun craft for kids to make.

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees for kids to make

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To make these pipe cleaner Christmas trees, we used:

To prepare the craft I cut circles from the green craft foam, and wound the pipe cleaner around the top of the funnel to form a cone shape. Then I glued the pipe cleaner to the foam circle. Kids can help with this stage but because I was planning this for a crafty playdate, I wanted the glue to be dried before the tree was decorated. Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees

The kids glued a star sequin to the top of the tree, then added pom poms and sequins wherever they would like.Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees for kids to make

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees for kids to make

For some reason my son didn’t want to make one – so it was lucky that I had his friends round to help me with this craft! Once the decorations had dried I glued the tree onto the cut wine cork. They looked adorable as a little forest!

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees

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