Kid Friendly Pumpkin Decorating

As I have absolutely no experience at carving pumpkins, we tried out three kid friendly pumpkin decorating ideas that don’t involve carving!

Kid Friendly Pumpkin Decorating

1. Jeweled Push Pins and Brads
I saw an idea on Pinterest where a pumpkin was decorated with thumbtacks. I decided to “bling” this up a bit by using jeweled push pins and brads. I used another small pumpkin to keep the project manageable for my toddler.

Kid Friendly Pumpkin Decorating

Note: My son was carefully supervised throughout this activity due to the sharp points on the pins. 

The push pins went in easily but he needed a little help with the brads.

It might be fun to draw a design on the pumpkin for older kids to follow with the jewels. And the good news is that I get all the pins and brads back after Halloween for a new project! 🙂

Kid Friendly Pumpkin Decorating

2. Glitter Dot Pumpkin
I have loved the idea of glitter dot pumpkins since I saw them on The Swell Life several months ago. I prepared this activity in advance and used 1″ glue dots and loose glitter. I took the backing off one side of the glue dots and sprinkled the glitter over the dots, then shook off the excess. I used two types of glitter; sparkly black and holographic silver.


Then I put the glue dots and a medium-sized pumpkin on a cookie sheet so that the glue dots could be applied.


This was NOT a mess free activity! The glue dots pulled slightly out of shape so some of them weren’t perfect circles by the time they made it onto the pumpkin. I had to help F quite a lot and the glitter kind of got everywhere – so there are no photos of the process I’m afraid. But a pretty cool finished result.

Kid Friendly Pumpkin Decorating

 3. Googly Eye Pumpkins
Oops! My googly eye pumpkin tutorial has moved! I’ve updated it and now you can find it here. Sorry for the inconvenience. 🙂

I’m afraid I have no idea how weather-proof these designs are so I’m keeping them indoors for now. Anyway, that way I get to see them a lot more!


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