Googly Eye Pumpkins

These googly eye pumpkins are cute AND just a little bit spooky! It’s a great workout for little fingers, too.

Googly Eye Pumpkins for kids to make

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For this (rather silly) craft you’ll need:

  • Pumpkin (real or plastic)
  • Googly eyes (wiggle eyes, whatever you want to call them!)
  • Glue

The concept is pretty simple: attach googly eyes all over a pumpkin! Here’s our version from last year. We used real mini pumpkins and self-adhesive googly eyes that our friends at had sent to us.Googly Eye Pumpkins for kids to make


This year we invited some friends over to make some more, and they got creative with their designs. I provided both adhesive googly eyes (I received a new supply from – yay!) and also non-adhesive eyes. Miss E (6 years) and Miss L (4.5 years) worked on medium-sized craft pumpkins, and F (3 years) worked on a mini real pumpkin.Googly Eye Pumpkins for kids to make


The combination of different types of googly eyes created a range of opportunities for fine motor skills practice: picking the adhesive eyes from the backing sheet with a pincer grasp and placing them on the pumpkin plus squeezing the glue bottle to attach the non-adhesive ones. I made sure that I included teeny tiny eyes of both kinds for an extra challenge!Googly Eye Pumpkins for kids to make

Googly Eye Pumpkins for kids to make


I’d love to report that everyone stayed focused and worked really hard on their pumpkins. However, there was a certain amount of googly-eye-bombing going on in my kitchen!

Googly Eye Pumpkins for kids to make

But they did actually finish their pumpkins! Miss E opted for a random design around the pumpkin, finishing with a ring of tiny eyes at the top. Miss L matched up pairs of eyes to decorate her pumpkin. And F went for a design similar to Miss E’s, with a ring around the top. I love all the different versions!

Googly Eye Pumpkins for kids to make

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This craft originally appeared as part of Kid Friendly Pumpkin Decorating.


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