Dinosaur Obstacle Course

This week we are taking part in Play, Craft and Learn with Dinosaurs – a five day series covering many different aspects of discovering dinosaurs. Today’s theme is gross motor skills, so here is our dinosaur obstacle course!Dinosaur Obstacle Course - fun gross motor activity!


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Here on Craftulate we haven’t actually done a whole load of planned gross motor skills activities, so this was actually our FIRST obstacle course. Here’s the track layout:

  1. Collect a dinosaur puzzle piece
  2. Cross the bean bag
  3. Step on the circular foam mats, don’t touch the carpet
  4. Cross over the stool
  5. Crawl through the play tunnel
  6. Place the puzzle piece in the puzzle base
  7. Roar like a dinosaur

Dinosaur Obstacle CourseThen repeat until the puzzle is complete! I demonstrated the route to him and he seemed to be keen to try, so he got his first puzzle piece and completed the course. He didn’t give much of a roar as he was too excited about finding his next piece!Dinosaur Obstacle Course - fun gross motor activity!

Dinosaur Obstacle Course - fun gross motor activity!


For some reason he didn’t have any interest in climbing over the bean bag and always missed that out, but he did everything else!Dinosaur Obstacle Course - fun gross motor activity!


When all seven puzzle pieces were in the correct place he was very pleased with himself! For our first obstacle course this was a complete success!




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