Decorated Tool Holder for Father’s Day

My husband loves his workshop and home DIY projects, so we knew he would love this decorated tool holder craft that my son gave him for Father’s Day!

Decorated Tool Holder for Father's Day

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For this craft I wanted to paint assorted washers, nuts and bolts and glue them to a jar, and thought I could get them all in the dollar store. For some reason they didn’t have any hardware of that kind, so I bought a jar (I think it was supposed to be a cheese shaker) and then later ventured into my husband’s workshop to take a few washers, screws, nuts and nails – hoping they weren’t important!

I decided we should paint them in a vaguely mess-free way, so I added some paint to resealable bags, then F dropped in some of the hardware.Decorated Tool Holder for Father's Day


After squishing them around in the bag to get them all covered in paint, we tipped them out onto a tray lined with wax paper.Decorated Tool Holder for Father's Day


We left them to dry overnight, then glued them to the glass jar the next day.Decorated Tool Holder for Father's Day


I soon realized that white craft glue wasn’t going to be strong enough to hold the pieces in place, so after F had glued as many as he wanted we stopped and I later reattached them with a hot glue gun.

Decorated Tool Holder for Father's Day


My husband loved it! He really liked the colors and came up with several different things he could put in right away.

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