Ballinko – a new wooden construction toy

Ballinko is a new wooden construction toy made in the US by an independent manufacturer.

Ballinko is a new wooden construction toy made in the US by an independent manufacturer.

Disclosure: I was provided with this product from Harper Toy free of charge in exchange for my fair and honest review. Please see my disclosure policy.

I recently attended a toy and game fair and met so many creators and authors. I have already written about My Amazing Monster and IKOS – and now I would like to tell you about Ballinko. It’s a new construction toy from Harper Toy comprising 34 solid maple balls, 28 poplar wood links, a poplar wood base and 3 flexible links.

Ballinko - a new wooden construction toy

My son (4.5yrs) was very intrigued! He immediately started building. This high quality toy encourages fine motor practice and develops engineering, planning and design skills. The balls have many different holes in them – with one hole that runs all the way through so  that it can be threaded.

We did have some issues with the balls rolling around (the instructions do suggest working on a soft surface!) but I just placed the pieces on a plate instead. He then started again and built R2-D2 and C-3PO – our first ever Star Wars craft! And subtly different from the snowman!

Then he decided to get more creative in terms of how he was building. The toy is listed as being most appropriate for children 9+, but I definitely know that younger children will enjoy it. I can see that as he gets older the creations will get more inventive!


This toy would be great for classrooms! Ballinko is currently only available for sale on the Harper Toy website or from these independent stores: Mass Avenue Toys in Indianapolis and The Golden Turtle in Oldenburg. Please support independent toy manufacturers this Christmas!

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