Snowman Suncatcher

We made this fun snowman suncatcher when we had some friends over to play.Snowman Suncatcher by Craftulate

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I based the idea on this turkey craft from No Time for Flashcards, but made the outline of a snowman instead. I used a piece of black cardstock for each snowman, folding it in half then cutting out a snowman outline. Then I cut inside the outline to make a frame.

Craftulate: Snowman Suncatcher

From the spare card I cut out some mouth shapes and used a paper punch to make some buttons. From some orange card I cut some carrot-shaped noses and from some brown construction paper I cut out some hats.

Craftulate: Snowman Suncatcher

Just before we started the activity I laid each snowman outline onto a piece of contact paper, sticky side up. Then I provided all the cut out shapes, googly eyes and an assortment of glitter glue pens: rainbow pens and neon bottles: both types were sent to us by our friends at

The children (F – 2.5yrs, Miss E – 5.5yrs, Miss L – 4 yrs) all started spreading the glitter glue inside the snowman outline, adding the features whenever they wanted to.

Craftulate: Snowman Suncatcher
Craftulate: Snowman Suncatcher
Craftulate: Snowman Suncatcher
Craftulate: Snowman Suncatcher

Even Mr F (4 yrs) joined in the craft which is a rare thing!

Craftulate: Snowman Suncatcher

Snowman Suncatchers
After they had finished decorating, I covered everything with another layer of contact paper to seal it all in. Then I cut around the snowman and taped them up to the window. Here are the finished snowmen from the girls:

Craftulate: Snowman Suncatcher

And from the boys (I helped quite a lot with F’s snowman on the left; Mr F positioned the buttons on his snowman (on the right)  this way deliberately, saying they had all fallen down!):

Craftulate: Snowman Suncatcher

This is a great craft to do when you have friends visiting, as it can all be sealed up and nothing has to dry before they can take it home. Here is F’s snowman catching some rays!

Craftulate: Snowman Suncatcher
Craftulate: Snowman Suncatcher

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  1. Your snowan turned out so cute! Great shot too. I really like how you incorporated the neon bottles and pens. Thank you for sharing on our FB page. Pinned.

  2. Varya @ CWOV says:

    Such a fun activity! thank you for sharing!

  3. This is just adorable! I think my 8yo would enjoy this! I’ve never seen this particular craft before. Pinning! :)

  4. Veens says:

    That really turned out so cute! Pinning it to try with our little man here.

  5. Cute! I’m highlighting you this week on Share it Saturday! Thanks for linking up!

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