Toddler Christmas Tree Craft

This toddler Christmas tree craft is easy to set up and looks really effective!

Toddler Christmas Tree Craft from Craftulate

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In preparation of the activity I cut out a basic tree shape from a piece of green construction paper. Then I got out the glue and some jewels (part of a bag from the Dollar Store, F calls them “treasure”). As soon as F saw the glue making an appearance he was all over it – so I didn’t get a set-up photo!

He started by dabbing the glue onto the backs of the jewels but this was quite tricky.

Toddler Christmas Tree Craft from Craftulate

Then he changed to spreading glue on the tree, then placing the jewels onto the glue. MUCH easier!

Toddler Christmas Tree Craft from Craftulate

When he had finished placing the jewels, I added some diagonal stripes of glue all down the tree. I gave him a little pot of glitter to sprinkle over the glue stripes to look like a garland.

I shook off the excess glitter and left the tree to dry. I added a small square of brown construction paper for a trunk. Here’s our toddler Christmas tree craft!

Toddler Christmas Tree Craft from Craftulate

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