Thread-Wrapped Letters

Our post for Fine Motor Fridays this week is a spin on yarn-wrapped activities: thread-wrapped letters!Thread-Wrapped Letters for fine motor practice


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The splendid people over at kindly sent us some rainbow friendship thread, and I really wanted to show those colors off by using them to wrap some letters. I cut some initial letters from some thick cardboard for those attending our crafty playdate.

Thread-Wrapped Letters - fine motor skills for kids

The concept of this activity is pretty simple, but somehow it seemed a lot harder than I expected. There were lots of tangled threads and with hindsight I would have cut shorter lengths of thread for them to use.  Miss E (6yrs) really worked hard at her letter but somehow kept getting her entire body wrapped in the thread (actually, I think she enjoyed that part). She had some parental assistance though, as she really wanted her letter to look neat.

Mstr F (4.5yrs) and my son (3 yrs) wrapped the thread a few times and then got distracted. Miss L (4.5yrs) was determined to do her letter all by herself. There were lots of knots and tangles but she kept going. Thread-Wrapped Letters for fine motor practice


The letters didn’t get entirely finished by the time our friends had to leave the playdate. I sent them home with some extra thread so that they could complete their letters. But I think you can tell which two letters had adult help and which one didn’t!

Thread-Wrapped Letters - fine motor skills for kids

A few days later when things were a little calmer, F and I sat down to try this again – this time with some shorter pieces of thread all laid out for him. However, he really struggled with wrapping the letters; he sort of imitated what I was doing without actually wrapping the thread round the letter. We had the most success when I held the letter for him.Thread-Wrapped Letters for fine motor practice

But I finally had to give in and accept that this fine motor practice was just too tricky! I couldn’t resist finishing off his letter F though – it looked so pretty!

Thread-Wrapped Letters - fine motor skills for kids

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