Pre-Writing Practice

Here’s a super easy pre-writing practice sheet to try out with your little one. Great for fine motor skills!

Pre-Writing Practice - with free printable

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My son loves his alphabet and I’d love to see him start forming letters by himself. We tried some pre-writing practice recently by tracing over lines.

Using a pen to draw anything other than scribbles can be a hard fine motor skill for little ones to manage, and I wanted to see how my son would do just tracing lines.

I made a practice sheet with five different dotted lines, printed it onto white cardstock then used my new laminator to cover it and make it wipe-clean. This way, I just need a baby wipe or damp cloth to remove the lines and he can keep practising!

Pre-Writing Practice - a fine motor skill

This was F’s first attempt. I did the top straight line to demonstrate and he did the others. I think he lost concentration at the end!Pre-Writing Practice - with free printable

This was attempt number two – he started from the bottom and worked up. I didn’t get a “final” photo as he grabbed a baby wipe as soon as he’d finished!Pre-Writing Practice - with free printable

On our third attempt I’m not sure that his heart was in it…Pre-Writing Practice - with free printable

We’ve done this several times since, and if he’s in the mood he’s definitely getting better!

If you would like a free printable of this simple pre-writing practice sheet,
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