Painting on Foil

Painting on foil (tin foil, aluminium foil or aluminum foil – whichever you prefer!) is SO different from painting on paper – this art project has to be tried!

Painting on Foil - art technique for toddlers to try!

 I taped a square of foil down to the table and F immediately looked interested. He’s only just discovered foil so this really caught his eye.

We started with little dollops of paint dotted all over the foil. He cautiously dabbed the paint around. When he realised that the paint really glided, he got stuck in with both hands.

He paint all mixed in together but didn’t seem to form that sludgy brown colour that it does on paper!

This is definitely a “process over product” activity, as the finished artwork on foil isn’t really anything frame-able.

Painting on Foil

However, we found that you can take prints by pressing paper onto the painted foil, which led to some interesting artwork!

Foil Prints

F liked it so much that we did this activity again the next day!

Painting on Foil
Painting on Foil

This is such a lovely art activity for toddlers to try – they’ll love how different it feels from finger painting on paper!

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